About Us


“Beach Body Brush” TM

   The "Original Beach Body Brush" TM is the brainchild of entreprenuer (and traveler!) Gerald Lacy.  Visiting often to the beaches of Gulf Shores with his wife and two children, Gerald and his family needed a way to dust off sand from themselves and their beach toys before returning to the rental house or condo. So along came the "Original Beach Body Brush" TM . A few years down the road, the "Original Beach Body Brush" TM is now in full-scale production. Look for it whenever you’re at the beach!

"The best thing I did was patent my design and trademark my name and logo," says entrepreneur Gerald Lacy.

   Sales are great after being introduced to the public last year.  Condo owners especially like the Brush because it helps to keep the sand on the beach and out of their rental units.  Many owners purchase several to give to renters as gifts.  Other owners simply leave a few in their units, so that renters can easily brush the sand away instead of bringing it inside.  Kids like the feel of the bristles on their skin and use their imagination to turn the brush into a sandcastle shovel.  Seniors enjoy the convenience of being able to remove sand from their feet or shoes after that morning walk on the beach.

   Several real estate leasing companies buy direct and offer the Brush to renters when they check in as a useable advertising promotion. The "Original Beach Body Brush" TM is available individually in most local beach stores.  For more information on becoming a distributor or to buy in quantity contact us today!